After several years of recurrent back pain and joint issues, I began sessions with Marina. Within a very short space of time I felt the immense benefits of her treatment. Marina’s expert guidance and sensitive approach began a healing process that led to my body feeling realigned, grounded and stronger than ever before. With old injuries healed and emotional blockages released Marina's treatment has opened a path for my body and mind to finally recoup and rebalance. 

Edina Bozso-Ryan

I am grateful for the lasting and effective results of regular craniosacral therapy, and have been surprised by the depth of it’s impact under the care of Marina Collard. I would highly recommend. 

Elanor Radford 

I have found much more clarity in my head, more positivity and energised! More than I could have ever asked for so thank you I feel more me. 

Vanessa Trippick

Marina is truly an outstandingly craniosacral therapist, dance artist and person, and I would not be or be able to be where I am today without her and her skills, understanding and knowledge. 
My Johansson 

Marina is a registered member of the CSTA, the UK governing body for craniosacral therapy.

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